WP Faker plugin (v-1.0.0)

Thank you for choosing wp faker! We hope that your experience with our plugin makes creating fake users, fake posts & custom posts, fake woocommerce products quick and easy.

About our plugin

This plugin is made by developer and for developers. Initially, it was my own requirement to test my custom theme functionality which contains testing of different modules like load more users, load more posts, filter posts by tags etc. At that time, I was looking for some tool through which I can generate dummy data which I can use for my testing purpose and after moving that website to live, I can remove all dummy data. I started developing this plugin for my personal use but now I think this can help many other needy developers.

This wordpress plugin can generate fake/dummy users, posts and custom posts.

What our plugin provides?

1) Fake wp users:

wp faker - Generate fake users
wp faker – Generate fake users

As the name, “fake users” sounds like something illegal but actually its not. The main purpose of generating fake users is to check the functionality which is related to multiple users.

2) Fake posts:

Generate fake posts
Generate fake posts

You can generate fake wordpress default posts. This is for testing purpose only.

3) Fake custom posts:

You can generate fake wordpress custom posts. This is again for testing purpose only.

Worried about deleting data generated by WP Faker plugin?

Don’t worry about that. We provide a link in each section using which you can delete your fake posts and fake users all in single click. Your actual posts, custom posts or users will remain as it is.

Enjoy the features of WP Faker!!! 

Download from Github



1) Go to Plugins -> Add New
2) Find \”wp faker\” plugin from the list or search for \”wp faker\”
3) View more details about it before you decide to install the plugin
4) Click on the “Install button”
5) Wait for a few seconds until the orange icons stops spinning
6) Click on “Active” button