WP Dummy Content Generator

World’s #1 plugin to generate dummy content for the WordPress which can generate dummy users, dummy posts, dummy post type data and last but not least woocommerce products. If a post type have taxonomies attached then the generated post data will also have the terms for all the attached taxonomies. 

Free & will always be

On the official WordPress plugin repository, you may download this plugin for nothing.

About the plugin

Use this plugin to generate dummy users, dummy posts or dummy woocommerce products in WordPress.

Initially, I was required to test the functionality of my theme in which I need some users, posts, and custom posts. I made this plugin for my own purposes. After that, I believe there are also other developers who need this kind of plugin that can be used to generate dummy content.

Dummy WordPress Users

As the name, “Dummy users” sounds like something illegal but actually its not. The main purpose of generating Dummy users is to check the functionality which is related to multiple users.

Dummy WordPress Posts/custom posts

You can generate Dummy WordPress posts and custom posts. The purpose is again the same that it is for checking functionality like load more posts or filters etc.

Woocommerce products

Woocommerce dummy products are very important for e-commerce theme development and testing. You can generate n number of woocommerce products using this plugin.


WP Dummy Content Generator plugin is GDPR compliant


Yes. You can delete any dummy data generated by the plugin anytime.

Yes. The plugin is compatible with the PHP version 7 and 8

No. You can generate any number of posts, users or woocommerce products. But in a single go, you generate a maximum of 500 posts, users or products.