wordpress – Show Post Content In Pop up with link click ( JQuery Colobox)

Mostly, we use jquery colorbox to show images in large size. But today, we will “Show Post Content In Pop up” . We will make the popup div inside our template. Lets get started. Follow these simple steps to make such a powerful colorbox popup which will show your posts from wordpress.

Step 1:

Add the following code into your template file. You can give any name to your template say “dcs_popupbox.php”.

Step 2:

This is an optional step as in this step, we are going to give some style formatting to the classes used in our template. You can skip this step and go ahead with the step 3. If you would like to give formatting then add the following code into your theme’s stylesheet or directly into your template.

Note: remove <style> tag from code if you are adding this code into your stylesheet file.

Sep 3:

Now its time to have some jquery stuff. Add the following code into your footer.php file.

Here we go. now we have working popup with wordpress posts in it.

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