WordPress setup guide – 10 steps in 10 minutes

In this post, we will learn about the WordPress setup or wordpress installation in 10 easy steps in 10 minutes. Set your stop watch.

As we know that wordpress is CMS for php. This is famous for the easiness of its installation. Setup of wordpress will take your maximum of 10 minutes and will be completed in the 10 simple steps. Follow these steps:

WordPress setup – Step 1:

Create empty folder with name as per your projects. For example we will name it “tutsocean”.

Note: Don’t use the double quotes when you are naming the folder.

Step 2:

Download updated fresh setup from https://wordpress.org/download/

Step 3:

Extract folder and copy all files and paste into Empty folder created in step 1 (tutsocean)

Step 4:

Create a database in phpmyadmin with any name. For example : name your database “tutsocean_db” without quotes.

Step 5:

Go to root of folder created in step 1 ie: “tutsocean” and find “wp-config.php” file. If that file does not exist in the folder then find “wp-config-sample.php” and rename it to “wp-config.php”

Step 6:

Open wp-config.php and update database details in it.

  • database name – name of database we created on step
  • phpmyadmin username – username which you have created at the time of phpmyadmin installation. Generally, its “root” without quotes.
  • phpmyadmin password - password which you have created at the time of phpmyadmin installation. Generally, its blank
  • phpmyadmin host name – most of the time, its “localhost”.

Step 7:

Open the path of your folder in browser it will redirect you to “siteUrl/wp-admin/install.php”. In our case, its path will be localhost/tutsocean/wp-admin/install.php

Fill the required fields in the form like:

  • Site title : Any title which suites your site or project name. For example “tutsocean website”
  • Username :  Any name which you want to use as your site username. Note that maximum of the times, we use admin as username of our website which is very easy to guess. So avoid to name it as admin and use some typical name like “tutsocean_secret_name
  • Password : Enter the password twice in the fields. Again note that don’t use easy password to protect your site. Try to use encrypted password.
  • Your email : Enter your email.

Step 8:

After filling above form you will be redirected to “siteUrl/wp-admin/install.php?step=2”, click on login and login with your details filled in step 7 form. Here you are in wp backend.

Step 9:

Now open your siteUrl in new tab. You will see dummy theme, page, post, menu, comments etc(Theme used is Twenty Sixteen in wordpress 4.4)

Step 10:

Now you can manage your theme from root/wp-content/themes/<your-theme-folder>.

You are now ready with the wordpress setup. Now go ahead with some working on that setup like