What Is New In WordPress 5.8

WordPress 5.8 is going to be the second major update in the year 2021. The release date for WordPress 5.8 is 20 July 2021. In this tour, I will try to explain What Is New In WordPress 5.8

Let’s begin with a simple sentence

If you are a widget lover in WordPress then this release will blow your mind.

Very soon you will get to know why I said this in the above line. So hold a cup of coffee and start reading What Is New In WordPress 5.8

New Blocks in Gutenberg editor – New In WordPress 5.8

  • Page Lists
  • Site Title
  • Logo
  • Tagline

Now lets me explain what these blocks are and as a developer how we can use them.

Page Lists

This block can be used to list all the pages that you have made in your WordPress inside a section. For example, I have a blog website and have 10 pages. The old school method for listing all the 10 pages was to manually check the page name and then copy-paste it into an unordered list (<UL>) or ordered list(<OL>) but WordPress 5.8 has changed this and provided the option for Page Lists. You can check the following screenshot of how to add a Page Lists block.

add Page Lists block - New In WordPress 5.8

Site Title

This block will add the site title to your page. The site title is the one you have mentioned in the general settings of your website. The best part of using site title block in your page/post is that if you have used this in for example 100 pages/posts and at some point, you decide to update your site title then the site title will be automatically updated in those 100 pages.


This block will add the website logo to your page.


The tagline block will add the tagline you have added for the website in the general settings section.

Nested Blocks Toolbar Button

Now you can easily select the parent for any nested block right from the toolbar button added for Nested blocks.

parent blocks - New In WordPress 5.8

List View

This is another very useful option provided in WordPress 5.8 release. To understand the use of “List View”, let us take an example of a page that has approx. 30-40 blocks. In that case, it was previously very difficult to go to a specific block on the page. With this list view option, a left sidebar will slide in with a list of all the blocks added to that page and you can easily navigate to a specific block by just clicking a block from the list view.

Completely New Look To The “Widgets Area”

The most interesting and useful update in WordPress 5.8 is the completely new look given to the Widgets area of the admin panel.

Have a look at how it appears in the admin panel