How to make wordPress menu

For the beginners, I am discussing about how to make wordpress menu.  As we know that menu plays an important role in any of the website. Menu acts as an index for out website. Generally, menu deals with the pages inside our wordpress but along with pages, you can also add some custom links. We will discuss about these also in the upcoming tutorials. So in this tutorial, we will learn how to make a menu in wordpress. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

First of all login to your wp-admin account with username and password which was generated by you when you had installed the wordpress in your system. If you don’t know how to install wordpress in your system, you can click here to know more about it.

Step 2:

If you have successfully loged in to your admin panel then go to Appearance/menu.

Click on the “create a new menu” link to make a new menu.

Step 3:

Now give the name your menu and then add the pages to the menu from the left panel. If you have not made the pages then you can create new pages from the “page” in the left panel of your wordpress interface. To know more about how to add/ create pages in wordpress, click here.

If you already have pages then just select those pages from the panel and then click on the “add to menu” button from the sidebar.

Now you are ready with your menu. You can do a lot with this menu.

You can add custom menu to widgets.

you can insert menu to your index.php file. and many more.