Getting Started with Create React App

When you start your journey of react, the first thing comes to your mind would be from where I have to start?  The answer to that question is “Create react App”.

Create react App is a tool provided by the developers of Facebook team using which you can get the startup app for your react project. The best part of this tool is it’s very easy to install and use. In this tutorial, we will learn the basics of this tool. Are you ready?

How to install “Create React App” globally

Before using the creat react app command, you need to install “Create React App” globally. Confused? Don’t worry, just use the following command in the terminal and it will do all the needful stuff for you.

npm install -g create-react-app

It will take some time to install the create react app globally. Note -g is used to install anything globally so that it can be used globally from any location.

How to use “Create React App”

Now your create react app is globally installed. You can use that to make a basic react project with all the basic dependencies. Use the following command to create a react App.

create-react-app react_demo

create-react-app is the name of the command which will create a react app.

react_demo is the name of the project. You can use any name without uppercase.

Once your terminal is done with the project generation, it will help you with some commands you have to follow. Two commands you need to take care are: cd react_demo