import (migration) user database to wp-users


I am having hard time for importing to user-meta and post-meta from my non-wp-tables. I am trying to do db migration from user table and post table to WordPress tables.

So it might be

  • user table to wp-users and wp-usermeta
  • post table to wp-posts and wp-postmeta

I have been trying to find good plugins but it’s all limited. (only basic information)

My old user table has all of users information on only 1 row (1 line) such as phone number, mobile, DOB.. etc. These have to be on user-meta table.

Old user tables and wp-users are on same database now.

How can I insert user information from old user table to wp-user(for basic information) and wp-usermeta (for extra information)?

Is it possible to make it with PHP coding? (because it’s on same database)
I am trying to figure it out how to do with php coding or something else.

If anyone knows can you advise me a sample coding?
or anybody knows any good plugins? all of them I found are not enough to put all of user information.