Grabbing Column Data by name for selectedRow in WPF

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I want to fill a textbox with values which point to columns directly by name.

The way that I would do this in c#/the code behind would be :


The wpf/xaml of this should be

<TextBox Text="{Binding Vwr.Table.SelectedRow.Row[&quot; TEST &quot;]}"/>

However this gives me the error :

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error Names and Values in a MarkupExtension cannot contain quotes.
The MarkupExtension arguments ‘ Vwr.Table.SelectedRow.Row[” ColumnDesired “]}’
are not valid. Line 24 Position
22. MDB-N2000 C:UsersTcordeau.pubDocumentsMDB-N2000MDB-N2000GUIModuleSectionDetailsViewerKMRsDetailsControl.xaml 24