facing Problem in Payment integration in my Angular and ionic project


I just wanted to share a PROBLEM that I am getting while integrating Payment gateway with JavaScript framework like ionic/angular application (for web/mobile) technology .

I tried with cordova-plugin-paytm and also with other solution that I find in internet
I am sharing url – >

1.  https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-plugin-paytm

2. https://github.com/iamisathya/CordovaPayTM

3. https://github.com/narendra-ct/Cordova-Paytm-Plugin

4. https://github.com/adviraj/ionic-native-paytm

if it is not possible to integrate as I do not get proper plugin for Angular/ionic framework or Is there any other better way by which I can integrate Payment with Paytm in my application