Error `this set of changes has already been published`


A few days ago, having made some CSS changes in my additional css box, I got this error.

Looks like something's gone wrong. Wait a few seconds and try again.

I waited a few seconds and pressed publish again. This time I got another error message:

The previous set of changes has already been published. Please try saving your current set of changes again.

I tried again and got the first error message again.

Not sure what’s caused this because the changes haven’t been published before but, just to make sure, I deleted all my recent css changes and tried to save, at which point the error messages started displaying again.

I’ve had a look and it seems that the previous version of WordPress had a bug which was apparently fixed. So I reinstalled my current WordPress version (the latest).

The issue still persisted.

So I looked up php location of my additional css input box amd managed to find wp_posts in information_schema in phpMyAdmin

Now, having looked at several entries there, I can find nothing to indicate what’s causing the issue.

So I’m looking for a fix for what seems to be a bug.

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