Adding Bootstrap Timeline (Like facebook posts)

As we know that facebook is best social media site in this era. The trick for this publicity is that they provide best service. But service is not the only key for that. They provide better interface for the user and attract the visitors with their look. One is the way facebook shows your posts in the profile. If you want to show the posts in your website like that then you are at right place here.

In our today’s tutorial, we will learn how to show posts like facebook or how to add bootstrap timeline to your website. Read the following steps one by one and at end  you will be able to implement this easily.

Step 1:

As we know that the very first step for implementing any bootstrap UI, we have to include three files which are mandatory for this. So add the following three lines inside <head> tag.

Step 1 is ok if you have added the above three file.

Step 2:

After successfully adding the files, now we have to make the html for our timeline posts. Add the following code into your file inside <body> tag :

Step 3:

Now time is for some styling to the timeline. For styling, add the following code inside <head> tag:

This is all you need to add the facebook like posts in timeline using bootstrap.

Complete code:

Try it