The Challenge With SPAs

  1. DOM Manipulation
  2. History
  3. Module Loading
  4. Routing
  5. Caching
  6. Object Modeling
  7. Data Binding
  8. Ajax/ promises
  9. View Loading.

Above is the list of challenges we will face during the AngularJS development. We will try to face these challenges so we can learn Angular.

The challenge with building SPAs from scratch is there’s a lot of different issues to deal with: DOM manipulation and history and how do you dynamically load modules and how do you deal with promises when you make async calls and things like that.

Routing becomes a huge issue because you have to have some way to track “Where are we? And where are we going?”

All of this type of stuff you’re going to see is built into Angular. Now we can certainly do all this with different scripts out there. We could use sammyJS and jQuery and historyJS and requireJS. For AJAX we can use Q and there’s a lot of different options.

But Angular, you’re going to see, provides a lot of cool features.