Getting Started With AngularJS

So how do you get started with AngularJS and why do you want to get started? I mean what features does it offer that are that compelling?
Well we’re going to talk about that in this particular section.

AngularJS is js framework which is used to make SPA (Single Page Applications).

What is SPA ie Single Page Application?

Learning a technology is of no use if we don’t know why we are learning that technology and what terms are used in that technology. SPA is one of the most important term one should know about before we are going to start thse tour to the AngularJS.

“A Single Page Application (SPA) is one in which we have a shell page and we can load multiple views into that.”

So a traditional app, as you know you typically blink and load everything again. It’s not very efficient on the bandwidth, especially in the mobile world.

In a SPA we can load the initial content upfront and then the different views or the little kind of mini- web pages can be loaded on the fly and embedded into the shell.

AngularJS, as we’re going to see, is a very good SPA framework, but it’s not just for that. You don’t have to load these dynamic views with it. In fact if you wanted you could just use it for some of the cool separation of code that I’ll show you and data binding, but I will focus on SPAs here.